Today would be a nice day to be in Rigi


We’re having a cool snap in the middle of summer here, so I’m thinking if it is going to be cold, it would be nice to be somewhere where it is the good kind of cold – with crisp mountain air, snow covered trees, skiing, tobogganing, ice-skating, and playing in the snow.


Rigi is a group of mountains in the Swiss Alps and I spent my 30th birthday there. It was a beautiful clear day after a heavy snowfall the night before – something like today is forecast to be there.

What did I love about Rigi?


I loved the pristine beauty of the untrodden snow and the beautiful chalets capped with their ‘icing’ roofs.

Untrodden chalet

I loved the experience of looking down on the clouds below and literally feeling on top of the world.


I loved playing in the snow like a child and coming back into the warmth for one of the best chocolates I’ve ever tasted.

Rigi rink

What did I learn from Rigi?


Snow makes everything beautiful 🙂

Rigi Trees

I experienced with my own eyes for the first time that each snowflake truly is unique.


I learned that hot and cold weather are relative: 5C in Adelaide means rugging up inside with the heater on; but in the Swiss Alps it’s the perfect temperature for playing outside in the snow.


On my 30th birthday, I was reminded that you’re never too old to be childlike. Sometimes we just need to embrace it, let go, and have fun … even if jumping into deep snow makes it difficult to get out!

Snow Angel

And that like a little child it is good to wonder and be amazed at the incredible beauty of this earth and at our good Creator who delights in displaying His splendour and majesty.


1 thought on “Today would be a nice day to be in Rigi

  1. It is also a good reminder of what a new year is like. Waking up to a fresh snow fall shows us a choice of what we can do. Do we play with snowmen, snow angels or snow ball fights? Or do we just have to start with some hard work of digging a path to get out of the door? Sometimes both I am sure. Or do we ski (hard work to not fall over, but also a lot of fun to be had along the way)?
    What can/do you see on the slope of 2014?
    What a great way to start! Thanks Melinda.


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