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Book Review: Re-describing Reality: What we do when we read the Bible

This is a book review I recently posted on Tabor MTC’s blog Manna.
I love Brueggemann’s writing, and this is one of his most accessible books for new readers. I find his perspective on biblical interpretation really inspiring – that it is not merely reading a book, but rather redefining how we understand everything!

Author: Walter Brueggemann

Publication: London: SCM Press, 2009.

Summary:  In this book, leading Old Testament scholar and theologian Walter Brueggemann describes the methodological approach he uses for interpreting Scripture and provides a number of extended examples from the Old Testament. He argues that the biblical text creates a world where YHWH is the key character, a world that is not as others say it to be, and that reframes all our understandings in its light. Interpreting the text therefore involves the imagination, as we seek to bring this text into contact with the world as we have previously accepted it. He deals with some of the dangers inherent in biblical interpretation including the temptations to reduce the text to a “closed package of settled truth,” or to privatise it as a resource for personal life and overlook its communal dimensions.

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